Put the Co from COVID back to Living & Working

While COVID is slowly subsiding in several parts of the word, and vaccines are hopeful as lights in the tunnel, it is time to think about how we can get back what COVID has taken from us. 

Mom Facetiming with Two Infants
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Friends and family keep us sane. I hope nobody is going to argue with that statement but I strongly believe that it can’t be more true. We were already in an era of unprecedented difficulties even before COVID — environmental challenges, never-ending social and political divides, equality issues, and the list goes on; with COVID causing even more depression than ever with isolation.  

With traveling, touching, and hugging become taboo, we found interesting means of digitally enabled engagement through FaceTime family gatherings, Zoom yogas and workouts, and more and more air time with voices and videos. Although it is not quite the same, this does shorten distances and give us some sort of pseudo human touches for our comfort. 

Lego Collaboration
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Slacking is the new mode of collaborating. If you don’t know about it yet, as Business Insiders put it, “Slack is a messaging program designed for use in the workplace, as it can help colleagues keep in touch, plan schedules, share documents and files, and stay connected.” With platforms like Slack, Asana, Notion, Monday, etc, collaboration has never been easier. There are projects now completely done online with contribution from people literally all over the world, there are documents built with a bunch of people typing pasting curating at the same time, and more and more linkages are connected and networked each day COVID times gone by.

While it is not the case where collaboration / task management / PM platforms came out of nowhere because of COVID, the pandemic certainly helped many MNCs and non-startups found them. 

Dash Coliving Argyle
Dash Coliving Argyle


Obviously COVID did not push people into coliving blocks, but coliving tenants are the lucky bunch where they get to retain some level of human connections in their lives by default. Don’t get mistaken and equate coliving to “cohabitation”. In fact, in many setups, coliving apartments offer more private spaces than you think. And remember, coliving is a rather new concept by entrepreneurs and startups alike, meaning that they are more apt to change and adapt to what COVID has put upon our world. 

From tips to live a COVID life in your spaces, to more diligent  housekeeping, or just general social distance etiquettes with flatmates, coliving provides a host of solutions to stay connected while in isolation. 

Whether you have plans to live the pandemic lifestyle for short or long haul. It is never a good idea to learn a few new things, adapt, and embrace change for the better. 

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