Tomorrow, All Meals will be Perfect

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The robot is upon us. This might sound a little further down the road but in some ways, some might feel like it already happened yesterday. We have robots able to make almost perfect laksa, we also have robot kitchens on the prowl, and it’s hard to not imagine chefs might be one of the sunsetting career paths down the chopping block.

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Here’s a glimpse of what’s happening tomorrow (or even today in selected parts of the world).

The Scenario

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  1. Mac-n-cheese ordered in the restaurant, came with a bonus carrot juice.
  2. The same mac-n-cheese ordered the next day, came with a bonus tomato soup sample. The M&C tasted way better than the first time.
  3. Ordered the same mac-n-cheese again, with a small bonus celery salad. You start to wonder if the M&C is actually a Michelin starred item.
  4. By meal number 10, everything on the menu tastes better than mom on steroid after 10 extra years of intensive chef camp in the Four Seasons.

Peek into Tomorrow

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During the process of our meals in the foreseeable future, say when you eat in a robot enabled restaurant, our facial expressions will be analyzed to determine how you feel about the food that you are consuming, with combinations of other dishes (whether you ordered or the restaurant sent to you on the house), it is quite likely that your preferences, allergies, patterns of eating certain food, etc can be profiled in a couple of meals.

If you keep going to that restaurant chain, your eating habit down to minor preferences, idiosyncrasies, your perfect ratio of fat & lean meat, how you want to be greeted, whom you want to share your experience with… will all be done in the correct moments that incident should happen, exactly adjusted to the parameters that will make you the happiest.

How Soon?

Maybe a better robot kitchen and the multi-purpose AI chef will come first, and robot fast-food chains & iron mermaid serving coffee. Since facial recognition technology doesn’t seem to be the easiest to crack (humans are pretty sophisticated after all), the above scenario might be somewhat 2035 material just to throw a random, yet not impossible, timeline out there.

Food for Thoughts

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash
  1. In the future, do we just need one gigantic restaurant chain? Or even standard government food factory, made-to-order and delivery whatever we want in perfect combinations of everything?
  2. If everything started to taste perfect, what is perfect any more when the benchmark becomes 100? Would we be able to tell the difference between 1 star and 3 stars? Do we NEED to be able to tell the difference?
  3. If we go down this path, would options for food be obsolete one day?
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