4 Legit Reasons to Rent a Serviced Apartment in Hong Kong

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You might have dropped by Hong Kong for transit, stopped over for work, or traveled all the way to the center of Asia for dim sum; but have you considered living in, are you already living in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is busy, way too busy with your weekdays jam-packed. When you are not working, Hong Kong is too easy to let you travel around, getting you to a superbly long list of bustling cities in less than 4 hours. Even if you decide to stay in town, there are always festivals, concerts, parties, arts, markets, and many other reasons for you to head out.

How much time exactly do you have to spend tending to the nitty-gritties at home?

Here are the 4 legit housekeeping reasons (or lazy excuses) for you to rent a serviced apartment in Hong Kong.


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When was the last time you have mopped the floor? Vacuumed the room? What about dusting? Or even folding the blanket? Or honestly ask yourself this: when was the last bedsheet change?

It’s not that we can’t do those, it’s more likely that we don’t know where to begin with the exhaustive list of what we could do.

We all have moments in our lives where we judged people who couldn’t fry an egg. Yet sometimes, we feel like we need to Google “how to mop the floor”. It might be an excuse, but it’s certainly not a bad one that we have evolved past housework and there are people who love to dedicate themselves to spotless cleanliness and impeccable household organization.

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You Have Yet to Attain 48 Hours A Day

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Assume we hacked the evolutionary trajectory and made ourselves capable to handle the tedious yet delicate work of housekeeping, but who has the time?

Yes, you might be able to get your carpet vacuumed, get your stuff toys repositioned after they’ve worked out their Toy Story episodes if you live in Europe and work a 4-day work week finishing by 5 pm daily. But let’s be real: in Hong Kong you start 9, finish 7 if you are lucky, then you will have a glass or four to gossip and destress, by the time you drag yourself home to sing in the shower it’s already 10.

Would you prefer to have the rest of your day doing a foot-bath and Netflix? Or dusting and cleaning?

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You Have Trust Issues

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Nobody wants a stranger at home every now and then, because the word starts with “strange” quite literally.

With all the convenience apps out there it’s fairly easy to get your apartment cleaned after a few swipes. But then it raises a new issue: can you trust the person who comes up to clean who is going to a different person every single time? With a serviced apartment, all you are dealing with is the company operator / your lovely concierge contact.

Coz You Are Worth It

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We buy money with time to find the resources to live, so we work.
We buy time with money to find ourselves, so we are living.

In a city like Hong Kong where you have no trouble finding exciting activities to fill up your calendar, chances are you would gain more life experiences, add more values, make more connections by skipping housework altogether and dedicate it to the trusted crew.

Even when I was living in a non-serviced unit, I ended up having housekeeping help to come every week to make sure things are in order. So why not living in a serviced unit in the first place to save the hassle?

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